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Gate Management

C&P has been providing management services since 1994. The C&P Gate Management Team provides gate management services for both airlines and airports enabling the client to maximize the use of their gates while maintaining a safe work environment for both the aircraft and the associated ground support equipment. . Specially designed software incorporating aircraft, ground support equipment and loading bridge manufacturer specifications is used to simulate actual gate operations to ensure that the aircraft can operate within its limitations. The team has completed gate layout designs for at least eighty airports across the United States, which range in size from Dulles International Airport (38 gates) to Palm Springs Regional Airport (2 gates). These designs have provided aircraft parking requirements for all aircraft in the fleet from the largest wide-body to the smaller regional jets and commuter turbo-props. The designs have helped airlines and airports optimize and expand their gate capacities while at the same time reducing the potential for damage to their aircraft caused by unintended collisions with other parked aircraft and the terminal infrastructure. These tools have been especially useful in being able to maintain airline and gate operations during construction. We work very closely with the airport and airlines to maintain a high level coordination and to be sure that our designs are both thorough and conform to all of their safety standards

We also have experience working directly for airport authorities at locations such as Richmond International Airport and Harrisburg International Airport. At these airports we have redesigned the gates to accommodate the larger aircraft that the airlines are using while utilizing the same space as the exiting layout. C&P works with the airport and the airlines to determine the different types of aircraft that use the airport. We work with both the airport and airlines to be sure that our design conforms to both of their safety standards. Our experience has lead C&P to be very thorough with its design while maintaining a good relationship with both the airport and airlines.

Another part of our Gate Management Service is aircraft simulation. Using the software Path Planner to do the simulations it enables C&P to track aircraft on the airfield or in and out of a gate to ensure safe operations. This program uses manufacturer specifications so the aircraft will operate within its limitations. We use this program to confirm our designs to ensure that the design aircraft will operate on the airfield before the design is complete. We have also used this program to help airports and airlines maneuver aircraft through areas under construction. This enables the airline or airport to continue to use the area while it is under construction.