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Campbell & Paris has committed, knowledgeable, senior professionals whose careers have focused on the planning and design of airport facilities. 

We provide planning for both domestic and international commercial service hubs as well as general aviation airports.  Our services assist airport sponsors in preparing the planning documents and studies needed to guide the effective development of their airports.  This includes the development of long-range plans for airport systems, the selection of new airport sites, the preparation of layout plans for specific facilities, the definition of airport capital improvement programs and identification of funding sources.  Campbell &Paris routinely prepares comprehensive FAR Part 77 and specialized TERPS Airspace Analyses for airfield facilities throughout the world. 

Our approach to planning emphasizes a balance among aeronautical, environmental and sociopolitical demands.  We recognize that all planning must reflect the unique circumstances and concerns of the airport and the community it serves.   We address facility, environmental, financial and management implications in an integrated thoughtful manner in order to arrive at plans that are innovative, technically sound and financially feasible. 

We deliver well-conceived, economical, workable solutions that enable the client to meet their immediate demands while providing flexibility and preserving the ability to meet future, yet unforeseen opportunities. 

Additionally, to stay abreast of the latest industry developments, our staff actively participates with the Airport Consultants Council and interfaces directly with all levels of the FAA to learn and positively influence the latest planning and design standards.